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Faulty Remote - How can I test my remote control works?

There are several tests we can do to make sure the TV Remote control is definitely faulty.


The first thing is to make sure there are New Batteries and they are installed correctly – this may sound obvious but sometimes our dealers may have had the TV longer than usual and therefore the batteries that come with the TV have lost their power.

The second thing is to make sure the connectors on the battery terminals are good, that they are clean and the spring works – below is some photos of what the connectors should look like.

Finally we need to make sure the Remote Control is transmitting the InfraRed signal.

To do this you will need your phone set up to “selfie mode” or the front camera.

Point the remote control into the camera and then push a button on the Remote.

Watch the phone screen and you will see the LED light on the Remote Control light up.

Please see video.