Need Help?

I have a Green Light but No Display on my TV what can I check?

This fault could be something simple we can fix with software upgrade.

There are two tests to do please.

Firstly, try TV using the AC power Pack that is supplied with the TV to see if it works.

This will tell us if it is a power issue from 12V or not.

               If the TV works – then you have a power issue in the installation.

               Check our FAQs for power issues.

               If the TV still does not work go to next step

Second Step, turn on the TV and look at it very closely to see if the Majestic Logo appears very faintly.

If you cannot see it - push the source button and then look down the left panel and see if you can see a faint outline of the source.

If you can see the writing this means the Inverter has failed, please contact us at support.

If you cannot see anything this means there could be a software issue.

               Contact our team to email you New Software to try.


Please feel free to contact our team if you still have issues.