Majestic Diecast Alloy Deck Mount for UFO XL TV Antenna


The Majestic Diocese Alloy Deck Mount Bracket for UFOX and UFOXL


Majestic ZMJUFOXDM-002

The Majestic Diocese Alloy Deck Mount Bracket for UFOX and UFOXL is specifically designed for RV installations. This deck mount is highly recommended due to the wind tolerance experienced on Caravans, RVs, and Motorhomes.

The standard plastic Deck Mount is rated to 150Km/H however in some installations and applications there could be greater winds when a truck, caravan or other major vehicle passes on the highway and therefore to ensure that there is no issues with the deck mount or the antenna with the extra wind forces the Alloy Deck Mount is recommended.

Thread UNF 1”- 14

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Data sheet

Thread UNF 1”- 14



Metal Deck Mount ZMJUFOXDM-022 CAD Drawing

Download (103.96k)

MJUFOXDM Detailed CAD Drawing

MJUFOXDM Both Plastic and Metal Detailed CAD Drawing

Download (223.5k)
    Where can I register my 3 Year Warranty for my Majestic Product?

    All Majestic products come with a 3 Year warranty.

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