Need Help?

When I try an App it says that the TV is Jailbroken or Rooted Device?

The Majestic Android TV's have their own App Library Store as we use a different Android Platform.

All Apps approved by the relevant company have been uploaded to this App Store using this platform.

The error occurs if you try to download an App from the Google Play Store. 

Many of the these Apps have not been updated from the Google Play Store to our Platform and hence will bring up the error.

Apps such as Foxtel have been marked for higher priority.

However this is a request from us to the App Manufacturer to provide us the necessary details so we can update the software to match the platform we use.

Foxtel App is only currently available only on these TV's HiSense Smart TV, Sony Android TV, Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV as soon as Majestic is available it will be updated online and the App will be available in the App Library.